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Welcome, visitor interested in monuments!


It is curious, you know – when you think about monuments (incl. memorial plates and memorial stones) in the vicinity of your home, at first you can recall only a few. But having checked out literature about local history, done some Googling or just looked around more on the streets, you will certainly notice more of them – e.g. there are many personal memorial plates on walls and war monuments in parks.


The idea of looking more thoroughly into the area of monuments hit me in 2005. The thought surprised even myself, as I had never actually been engaged in history or local history. For the last ten years, I have devised software manuals and teached some computer-related courses at universities.


The first major outcome is the e-catalogue of monuments in Lääne-Viru County which will be completed in 2015. There are approximately 400 monuments in that county, one of the most interesting in Estonia (area 3626 km2, population 68000, center Rakvere)!


Researching of monuments can do a lot of good.

  1. Presently, many monuments have been forgotten and become just moss-covered stones. The e-catalogue will help to revive them.
  2. Likewise, information materials about monuments in archives, museums, libraries and private collections have been forgotten and neglected. Why not upload them on the Internet, so that everyone interested in local history can access them?


I have prepared playing cards with the most interesting monuments of Lääne-Viru County (introductions to each card are in English) and the news bulletin „Monumendileht" (Monument Bulletin), as well as organized exhibitions.


Researching local history is incredibly exciting!

  • I have been to places I would never have visited otherwise.
  • I meet fascinating people whom I would never have known otherwise.
  • I read old newspapers, magazines and books and examine old photos which I would never have seen otherwise.
  • And I will not deny that I have learned much in the area of IT as well.


How is the situation with monuments in Your region? Can they already be seen on the Internet?


Write to me!


Best wishes,


Heiki Koov

manager of the non-profit association Monumentide e-Kataloog

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